International rankings

18th – Slalom

18th – Giant Slalom

Results as of 1st April 2021

British Champions in both Slalom & Giant Slalom (2017)

Imagine being registered blind. Now imagine throwing yourself down a steep slalom race course at 45 mph, only knowing where to go by following your guide’s bright yellow jacket and listening to what she says via your bluetooth headset.

You can’t see the gates you race through. You don’t know where the edge of the piste is, nor if there are any trees or hazards around. You don’t know what the snow conditions are like – and forget about seeing other skiers. You’ve got no chance at spotting them!

Meet James and Alice, Great Britain’s kick-ass Visually Impaired ski racers.


James Luetchford is a Severely Sight Impaired (classified B2) alpine ski racer, who is guided by his wife, Alice Luetchford. They ski for Great Britain in international Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super-G races.


James’ eyesight impairs his skiing in the following ways:

  • James has extreme tunnel vision.

  • James cannot see moving objects (nor other skiers / edges of pistes / trees / walls of snowdomes).

  • His eyes take hours to adjust to changes in light conditions. Even tiny changes in light will leave him feeling blinded, as though someone has turned off the lights.

James is registered as being Severely Sight Impaired (aka blind) at home in London.



Funding our ski racing is a huge challenge. With annual costs of £30,000 and receiving no funding we have to raise a lot of money each year. If you can, please support us on our journey by donating through the button below. 






Alternatively, you can also support our ski racing by purchasing one of Alice's pieces of art. She is directly inspired by her time in the mountain and paints from photographs she's taken once she returns back to their van or flat in London. All proceeds from Alice's art go towards her ski racing with James.

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Helping us stay lightning fast on our skis



Helping us stay steady on our feet and allowing us to thrash those gates out of our way



Our most important piece of kit: these bad boys need to be the best



Essential for helping us access the best quality care, quickly, to get us skiing together again



Crucial for refining our skills and abilities so we ski our fastest for races

Recent races

We were unable to race in 2019-20, and spent our time training to be as fast as possible. Some events were unfortunately already been cancelled this season due to Covid-19, but we raced at:

9-12 Mar '21: Malbun, Liechtenstein (Slalom & Giant Slalom - NC and EC finals)

13-14 Mar '21: Hopfgarten, Austria (Slalom & Giant Slalom - WPAS)

26-28 Mar '21: Gerlitzen, Austria (Super-G, Super Combined, Slalom & Giant Slalom - WPAS)

Additionally, we're physically training as much as we can with the fabulous Michael Ulloa!

Malbun 3rd place 2021.jpeg

Past races & results

Top Race Results: 2020/21

  • 3rd place: Malbun, Liechenstein (March 2021) in Giant Slalom - Europa Cup Finals

  • 2nd place: Hopfgarten, Austria (March 2021) in Slalom - WPAS

  • 3rd place: Hopfgarten, Austria (March 2021) in Giant Slalom - WPAS

  • 3rd place: Malbun, Liechenstein (March 2021) in Giant Slalom - Liechtenstein National Champs

  • 3rd place: Malbun, Liechenstein (March 2021) in Giant Slalom - Liechtenstein National Champs

Top Race Results: 2018/19

  • 3rd place: Tignes, France (April 2019) in Slalom - British National Championships race

  • 3rd place (out of classified / classifiable males): Tignes, France in Giant Slalom - British NC race

  • 3rd place: Horni Domky, Czech Republic (March 2019) in Super-G 1 - NC race

  • 3rd place: Horni Domky, Czech Republic (March 2019) in Super-G 2 - NC race

  • 3rd place: Meribel, France (March 2019) in Super-G 2 - NC race

  • 3rd place: Vars, France (January 2019) in Slalom - WPAS race

Race Results: 2017/18 (guided by Ross Patterson)

  • 3rd place: Tignes, France (March 2018) in Slalom - NC race

  • 4th place: Landgraaf, Holland (November 2017) in Slalom - EC race

  • 5th place: Abtenau, Austria (February 2018) in Slalom - WPAS race

  • 5th place: Abtenau, Austria (February 2018) in Giant Slalom - WPAS race


Top Race Results: 2016/17

  • 1st place: British Championships, Tignes, France (April 2017) in Slalom


  • 1st place: British Championships, Tignes, France (March 2017) in Giant Slalom


  • 1st place: Rinn, Austria (January 2017) in Slalom - IPCAS race


  • 3rd place: Abtenau, Austria (February 2017) in Slalom - NC race



EC = Europa Cup

NC = National Championships

GS = Giant Slalom

SC = Super Combined

SG = Super G

SL = Slalom

WPAS = World Para Alpine Ski race (formerly IPCAS)

What we do



Our home away from home

We, along with Molly and Moggs (our feline friends) live out of Louise, our home away from home when ski training and racing.

We pursue our nomadic life to reduce their outgoings when ski racing, and also to improve our quality of life when spending so much time on the road.

Ski wax


We hugely appreciate our support from the following

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